Our Philosophy

At its core, clean beauty refers to products made with safe, ethical ingredients that are beneficial to your skin. At ESW Beauty we create products with a strict standard where our skincare is formulated with non-toxic ingredients and is made in a sustainable way.

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Our Core Beliefs

Clean Ingredients, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, & Sustainable
Clean Ingredients


Our mission is to develop beauty products made with clean, ethically-sourced, and sustainable ingredients. We firmly believe that product formulation and ingredients should be held to a higher standard.
Vegan Ingredients
Vegan Friendly

Vegan Ingredients

Our products are 100% vegan. Since our company was founded, none of our products have or will ever contain animal-derived ingredients. Our formulation does not contain any animal products or byproducts.
We LOVE Our Animals


At ESW Beauty we never allow any testing on animals for our ingredients, formulations, or final products because beauty should never come at the cost of innocence. We are certified by Leaping Bunny and PETA.
Sustainable Products
Earth Conscious

Sustainable Products

We believe in creating more mindful, guilt-free, and sustainable products for everyday use. Our goal is to leave a lasting impact on your skin but not on the environment and our earth.

Clean & Non-Toxic

Clean beauty means a lot to us, and we know it does to you too. That’s why we’re completely transparent about what goes into our skincare products. We take time to curate ingredients that are not only free from toxins, but are beneficial to the skin and its needs.

We meticulously curate our products to exclude a comprehensive list of ingredients that we deem as potentially harmful.

This list encompasses notorious culprits such as parabens, phthalates, PEGs, ethanolamines, formaldehydes, BHT, BHA, alcohol, DEA, sulfate detergents, silicones, synthetic dyes, aluminum powder, and a host of other substances.

Our commitment to your well-being goes beyond conventional standards, ensuring that our formulations are free from these undesirable components

Our mask ingredients are carefully curated to include fruit and vegetable extracts that are effective at targeting specific skin needs. Our sheet masks are PETA-certified vegan and do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Specifically, our masks include ingredient extracts such as kale, spinach, blueberries, watermelon, strawberries, avocado, and lemon.

Our Smoothie Lip Treatments are enclosed in a recyclable paper box created from FSC Paper Board, a material certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®️ (FSC®️). This certification guarantees the use of responsibly sourced wood fiber. The external box is printed using soy-based ink, eliminating the need for petroleum-based alternatives. Unlike petroleum-based ink, soy ink does not contain heavy metals that could contaminate water and soil when deposited in landfills. The tubes are composed of a specially-curated blend of 50% PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials made from discarded plastic bottles

Our Raw Juice Cleanse and Plant-Based Milk Sheet Masks are made of cupra, a fabric made from cotton linter. Cotton linter was previously discarded as a waste product in cotton production and is now being reused as a lightweight, compostable and biodegradable fabric that is very absorbent. The mask pouches are made of LDPE plastic, which is recyclable under recycling code #4. Our sheet masks are certified compostable and can be composted at home and at industrial facilities.

Our Soothing Tea Facial Tools are packaged in a recyclable paper tube made of post-consumer recycled content and is printed with soy ink. The tools also include a reusable canvas pouch for when you are on the go.

Our Formulation Standards

We abide by strict standards for clean beauty when formulating our products
We Abide By The

Whole Foods Market Body Care Standards

The Whole Foods Market Beyond Clean Beauty standard contains 180+ banned ingredients and counting. Their experts review the latest research on beauty and body care ingredients for many factors including possible impacts on the environment and human health. This is why we proudly abide by the Whole Foods Market standards. Learn more

We Are A Cruelty-Free Brand

PETA Certified

PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies program, is the ultimate resource for conscientious shoppers, making the quest for humane products as easy as (vegan) pie. The global animal test–free and vegan certification recognizes brands whose entire product line is free of animal-derived ingredients. These companies are truly cruelty-free.

Leaping Bunny Certified

The Leaping Bunny is a highly trusted cruelty-free certification for non-animal tested products. More than 700 companies across the globe hold this certification, providing real choice for consumers who want to identify and purchase products that are free from animal testing.

Be Kind

Our team is full of animal lovers, including our founder Elina herself. Her adopted dog, Munchkin, is our office puppy and the cutest member of the team! At ESW Beauty, we believe that being kind to the Earth and its inhabitants is extremely important.

Learn About Our Sustainability Efforts