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Meet Our Founder: Elina Sofia Wang

Meet Our Founder:
Elina Sofia Wang

Our founder, Elina Sofia Wang, struggled with stomach ulcers for many years and in early 2018, she began her wellness journey where she transitioned her diet to whole foods & healthier beverages including raw juices, plant-based milk, and smoothies. She also switched her beauty vanity to clean skincare & found that there was no sheet mask line on the market that not only had clean, effective formulas but also had a focus on healthier ingredients.


With almost a decade of working experience in the beauty industry, she decided to start her own brand, with a goal to create sustainably-made beauty products formulated with non-toxic ingredients, vegan & cruelty-free formulations, all inspired by the foods & beverages that aided her in her wellness journey.  


In 2023 she created her first lip treatment line inspired by smoothies. Elina’s goal was to create a tinted, quality lip treatment that provided the same hydration & nourishment to your lips as a smoothie does to your body. She is excited to continue to create innovative, quality skincare with the ESW  flair!


Be kind to your skin, be kind to your Earth, be kind to others, and most importantly: be kind to yourself


Elina Sofia Wang

Be kind to your skin, be kind to your Earth, be kind to others, and most importantly: be kind to yourself



Elina Sofia Wang

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Our Timeline

May 2019: ESW Beauty Was Founded

After our founder switched to cleaner living, she found that there was no sheet mask line on the market with clean formulas and a healthy ingredient focus. She decided to start her own brand with a goal to create sustainably-made products formulated with non-toxic and vegan formulations

November 2019: Our First Product Line Launches

In November of 2019, our Raw Juice Sheet Mask line was born. With her years of work experience in the beauty industry and her passion for clean skincare & healthy living, she was able to launch her first line inspired by a five day juice cleanse.

July 2021: We launched in Whole Foods Market, Our Dream Retailer

By July of 2021, our Raw Juice Cleanse Sheet Masks were in Whole Foods Markets across the country, Elina's dream retailer. Now you can conveniently shop your healthy foods and skincare in the same store.

November 2021: Launches Our Soothing Second Line

In November 2021, we launched our line of soothing tea inspired facial tools including our gua sha and facial roller. Made with rose quartz & aventurine, these tools reflect similar soothing benefits of the teas they are inspired by.

October 2022: More Sheet Masks & Big Compostability Updates

In October of 2022, our second sheet mask line inspired by plant-based milks and their soothing benefits was launched. This line, featuring our favorite vegan milks like oat, coconut, almond, and banana, is certified compostable and inspired our 2.0 launch of our first sheet mask line to include certification as well.

August 2023: Our Smoothie Lip Treatment is Unveiled

In August of 2023, we launched our first ever lip treatment line inspired by healthy smoothies. This line, featuring our Vanilla Almond Butter, White Pitaya Coconut, and Guava Mango smoothies, provides a moisturizing layer that will leave your lips feeling buttery smooth to protect & nourish your lips over time.

ESW Beauty is a female founded company with a mission to support other women. Besides creating clean skincare, Elina’s mission is to empower other females to achieve their dreams & prioritize their self love.

Today, you can find ESW Beauty in over 5000 stores across North America including Anthropologie, Wegmans, Whole Foods Market, Free People, and Eataly. Elina’s goal is to continue to create efficacious skincare featuring good for you ingredients and bring them closer to you.

Elina Unfiltered

My Story: The Not So Easy Healthy Living Journey

Before becoming the founder of ESW Beauty, a clean beauty brand inspired by healthy living, I was a teenage girl struggling with a chronic, hidden illness. Although it was a tough ride, I am proud to be able to turn my struggles into the inspiration behind our brand....

Founder: From Clean Beauty to Eco-Merch

We sat down with the founder of ESW Beauty, Elina Sofia Wang, to talk about her new line of merchandise, Earth Self Wellness, and what it was like branching out from her skincare-focused brand. Keep reading to learn what it is all about and the process behind the launch...

How Our Plant-Based Milk Sheet Masks Were Born

Every new product line starts with my current passion, which is plant-based milk. For a few years now, I completely transitioned over to vegan milks, starting with oat milk, then to almond and then experimenting with fun types of nut & fruit milks. Once I began, I never went back to dairy...

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