Smoothie Lip Treatment Sticker Bundle


ABOUT ME: We understand the struggle of selecting just one Smoothie Lip Treatment sticker. Now you can have all three by grabbing this convenient sticker bundle!

Mango Guava Paradise Sticker: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with our Mango Guava Paradise sticker inspired by the flavors of our Mnago Guava Smoothie Lip Treatment!

Lips Fresh AF Sticker: Remind yourself to keep your lips feelng fresh and fabulous with this sticker featuring all of the lip treatment flavors!

Made with Love Sticker: This "Made with Love" sticker will remind you of the love and care you put into having smooth and hydrated lips!

HOW TO USE: Decorate and personalize your laptops, reusable water bottles, window, phone, or more with our stickers! Carefully, apply to any smooth surface, don't worry they are very durable and water resistant.