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Our Story

Our co-founder, Elina Sofia Wang, struggled with stomach ulcers for many years and in early 2018, she started to live a cleaner lifestyle by eating healthier, drinking raw juices, and joining yoga and barre classes. She also started to use clean beauty products but found that there was no sheet mask line on the market that not only had non-toxic formulas but also looked good on the bathroom counter top. Since she had 5+ years of experience in the beauty industry, she decided to create her own products that had creative branding and would not compromise on safety and efficacy.


Elina asked John to join this venture with her. With his BA from Columbia in biochemistry, he was able to bring his expertise and worked with her in creating the best formula without toxic ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, formaldehyde, and sulfate detergents. Their mission together is to change the way people view “sheet masking” by creating a brand that has clean ingredients, is cruelty free, and is made with eco-friendly packaging without leaving out the fun. Elina chose raw juices as her theme for their first line because they were a huge part of her clean living journey and is one of her favorite drinks.


Elina and John have always been animal lovers but since adopting their dog Munchkin, they made it a priority to create a formulation that was vegan and cruelty-free. Together along with the ESW Beauty Team, they hope to continue to create more products in the future with a safe formula that delivers the deepest results.

Our Motto


Besides loving clean beauty and making sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle by clean living, our founder, Elina (ESW), also truly cares about having a clean heart. To her, it means being kind to others but also remembering to self care as well.