Happy Hour Pink French Biodegradable Claw Clip


Close that laptop and say hello to happy hour with this versatile hair accessory. This elegant claw clip makes for the perfect updo for that much-needed evening cocktail. Made with cellulose acetate, this claw clip is durable, sustainable, and hypo-allergenic. Get sipping!   
- Made from Cellulose Acetate 
- Premium quality 
- Long-lasting & smooth texture 
- Size 3.25" 
*Includes a complimentary protective pouch 

Grab your hair at the nape of your neck, twirl it up, pinch the clip, & clamp it over your hair for the perfect effortless hairstyle! 

Made With Cellulose Acetate

Our claw clips are made from cellulose acetate, a bioplastic made from cellulose synthetic fiber, specifically from cotton & tree pulp. It is biodegradable and a more sustainable option than petroleum-based plastics, so you can feel good about the claw clips you are putting into your hair.